Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ritual and the Consciousness Monoculture

See my latest, on varieties of human consciousness and the power and danger of ritual, on Ribbonfarm - Ritual and the Consciousness Monoculture.


  1. My comments seem to be vanishing--any suggestions?

  2. ...well, that one stuck. Good.

    Anyway, what I'd been trying to say from the beginning was, you write so nicely on your blog, it's sad to see you farming articles out to these sad little click-farms. I think you produce work of enough quality to merit continued independence.

    1. venkat is my friend and ribbonfarm is a long way from a "sad little clickfarm" - recall that it was one of my top examples back when I invented the concept of insight porn.

      "independence" is one value, I have many. writing for lots of venues (carcinisation, ribbonfarm, a new one to-be-announced this Friday) has helped me think about things from the perspective of different audiences, and explore topics I might not get to narrowly explore on my own. I DO believe that consciousness is caused by other people, and the others we choose to have in our minds influence our thoughts. I like having lots of different others in mind.

      if you are not getting the interactions you want on the internet, you might think about your communication style and how that plays into it. I'm naturally kind of a pedantic crankypants and the more I've toned that down, the more interesting people have been willing to talk to me.

  3. (Am I banned on the Wordpress version of this blog?)


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